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Several months ago, I was suffering from depression, struggling with low self esteem and about 80 lbs overweight. All challenging to admit because I am known to be a confident woman and former athlete/dancer. Regardless, I was seriously stuck. Then came Ida... 

Her combined knowledge of physical fitness and mental health make her training sessions surpass any experience elsewhere. She cares, truly cares about your overall health and well being. Creating wholistic workouts that suit each person's lifestyle. She works with you, giving positive reinforcement and encouragement. Her work outs are tough making you feel stronger each session. It’s been a couple of months now since we began working together; my body has already changed. I feel my confidence rising, my clothes fitting, complements pouring in. I am no longer glued to the past version of myself; I have so much more energy and I feel happy. That says a lot. I can honestly say my journey with her has been life changing. Thank you Ida! Looking forward to our next session!!

There were so many things I loved about being coached by Ida. I felt like every session was like a conversation with a very dear friend. Ida has a such a calming and compassionate nature. I never felt judged. I was always amazed at how well she listened to what I was going through and was able to frame it in a way that helped me get to the root of the issue. Ida had new suggestions, tools, and ideas that helped me grow with each meeting. Her positivity and light inspire me to this day. I'm honored that I got the opportunity to be coached by her.

Jenn Earl, Orlando, FL

Ida is such an inspiring teacher. She cares so deeply about her clients and has had such a remarkable journey regarding her own health, that she truly walks her talk.  She also has a great sense of humor that blends right in with her effortless voice of encouragement and perseverance.  If you want to see results, Ida is the one to see. She's tough when needed, but it's welcomed given the heart and soul she puts into every session.  It has been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to continuing to implement her knowledge, guidance and kick-butt training into my life moving forward.

Robyn Youkilis, AADP Health Coach and Healthy Cooking Expert, Founder of Your Healthiest You and Co-Founder of {Healthy} Cooking Camp

Energetic…Motivating…Inspirational…Challenging…Dedicated…Driven….when I think of those traits, Ida Clay comes to mind.  I have had the honor and pleasure of having Ida as my fitness instructor for over a year.  Each class I attended, Ida arrived equally energetic, lively, challenging, supportive and encouraging.  Ida is a true fitness professional and fanatic who has each client’s best interest in mind.  She offers solutions and moderations for those clients who may have injuries or limitations, she always monitors and corrects those who are not in the proper form and consistently praises each client throughout the entire class.   She is fitness in its true form!

Jodi Robbins, New York City, NY

Ida is an amazing combination of tough love and your biggest fan. Her energy and attitude create a vibe that snaps you out of whatever funk you're in and brings you into focus. You know when you work with Ida, you'll have one of the most intense and refreshing workouts of your life, every time. She's very hands-on, making you better than you thought you could be. I always learn something new, even when I've done the move before, and with Ida, I always want to work out harder. She makes it so you never want to disappoint her or yourself.  She's an incredible teacher and it's a tremendous rush to work out with her!

Michele Markus, New York City, NY

Ida pushes you without being militant and the way she counts down each rep helps make each rep go faster. Every class is not the same-- she keeps things interesting and creative while working a variety of different muscle groups. I think these classes can be intimidating sometimes, and I liked the class because Ida was welcoming and knowledgeable.  She is always willing to answer your questions.  Ida is one of my favorites.

Lexi Jones, New York City, NY

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Text

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